Welcome Beloved,


I would be honored to join you in your healing journey-whether it is connecting with earth medicine, visioning a creative project, reflecting your inner wisdom, or collaborating on a budding transformative process. The earth holds us all as an anchor through this work, affirming abundance as the natural state of the cosmos. The seed is the spark of life, the beginning and the end of a journey, waiting to be awakened. As a being, primarily made of water, you bring your own creative source--an inner fire and well of inspiration. Together, we will nurture an ecosystem of possibility for your healing on this co-created journey.

All photography provided by sára.



earth seed holistic is a healing practice and consultancy providing botanical offerings, herbal consultations, creativity coaching, energy work, full-spectrum companionship, community facilitation, and knowledge shares centered in plant medicine, cosmic wisdom, and nurturing the creative spirit.


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