earth seed holistic

heal. create. emancipate.

Drawing on the storytelling and healing traditions from her SWANA and Pinxy heritage and her creative practice, sára created earth seed holistic to provide intuitive healing services, small batch botanicals and herbal consultations, trauma-informed counseling, creativity support, energy work, full-spectrum doula companionship, and workshops rooted in earth medicine, collective liberation, and nurturing creativity. 

Inspired by the creed, all that you touch, you change, penned by Octavia Butler, sára works with her clients to provide radical wellness offerings, acknowledging that healing is a fluid, changeable way of being that is individual and lives with(in) community. The philosophy of earth seed holistic is to create heart-centered space that honors everyone's magnificence, vision, and creative potential. This work is firmly rooted in anti-oppression politics, the diasporic tradition of diy resourcefulness, and a joyous celebration of everything tender and femme. We are committed to providing accessible healing offerings for all bodies.