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Herbal consultations take place via Google hangout. Consultations are up to 90 minutes long and are an opportunity to take your healing journey deeper. Together we will discuss your healing goals and how plant medicine can support your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. During a consult, we may discuss topics such as your overall health, any conditions you may want to address, intentions you have for your healing, creativity, and more. After gathering this information I will prepare a protocol that is specific to you. The protocol may include herbal recommendations, habit shifts, rituals, personal recommendations, and other healing modalities. Custom herbal preparations are available with an additional charge.

Herbal consultations are available on a sliding scale from $120-$180 for new clients.*

Follow ups for returning clients are 1 hour and cost $65.


Reiki is a Japanese hands-on energy healing and stress-relief technique. It is the life-force, chi, and the Reiki practitioner functions as a channel to provide the person receiving treatment with ease, nourishment, and a feeling of being held. Reiki is a meditative practice that can provide support and balance to you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. During a session I may use crystals, aromatherapy, light touch, and other complementary healing tools to deepen your sense of relaxation.

I offer both distance and in-person Reiki sessions:

Distance sessions are 60 min, $80-$120 sliding-scale*

Contact us for rates regarding energetic space clearings for your home or work space.


Tarot can be an incredible tool used for heightening your intuition, engaging in self-inquiry, and (un)learning your life-patterns. I approach tarot reading intuitively as a powerful tool for divination, connecting with Spirit and ancestors, and self-guidance. Through guided meditation, conversation, and pulling tarot cards, I will work to create a safe and supportive space for each individual where we can explore any personal blocks, understanding beginnings and endings, potential journeys, and more.

I offer virtual and in-person (Brooklyn) readings:

60 min, $50-$75, sliding scale*


HEART TO HEART SESSIONS: Customized support, creativity coaching, and collaboration.

ABDOMINAL MASSAGE: a traditional hands-on technique used to balance the generative system and restore pelvic wellness.

FULL SPECTRUM DOULA COMPANIONSHIP: Package offerings for all pregnancy outcomes, menstrual cycle support, and more.


Exchanges at the higher end of the scale help subsidize folks paying at the lower end of the scale as well as supporting me in continuing to offer free and low-cost offerings to folx. *I am committed to providing accessible care, especially for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) LGBTQ, and disabled folx through subsidized healing sessions; please feel free to reach out to see how we may work together on your healing journey.

If you’re interested in donating resources to further support my healing work and making healing accessible for all folx, please reach out. Email for more information.


To book an offering, please use the booking form to coordinate scheduling.