sára loves creating and holding space for community experiences that center collective knowledge-sharing. Each offering incorporates a holistic approach grounded in creativity, deep ecology, and liberatory practice. They have created large and small scale events and facilitated dozens of workshops in a variety of settings, including community centers, cultural institutions, farms, and educational spaces.

Classes and workshops are customizable to the needs of the client and community and can focus on a number of topics, including, but not limited to: food sovereignty, arts & cultural justice, full spectrum generative system care, sexual wellness, kink, zine-making, poetry, writing, theater of the oppressed, gender expansive care, creative expression, herbal medicine, ancestral (re)connection, and trauma-informed healing. Feel free to reach out to discuss possibilities for collaboration using the contact form.

Below is a sample of past and forthcoming community offerings.


Bodies Beyond Bounds

How do we navigate the world with transgressive bodies? How can embodied creativity and healing ritual practices support us in transcending the boundaries placed on our bodies? Moving from generative vision and an archive of transgressive texts, we’ll imagine beings that live in liberatory possibilities for pleasure, joy, and abundance.

Botanical Kink

Open and clear communication, consent, and boundary-setting are at the root of healthy, pleasurable relationships--from the self and partnership to sex and plant medicine. Too often, personal boundaries are never established or they are transgressed causing fragmentation in these relationships. There are several, local plants that can facilitate re-integration of these fragments and help us connect to the wisdom of cultivating an open heart and protecting yourself. Through building presence and relationship with these plant allies, we'll explore the kinky side of plants and how they can heal and support our relationship to pleasure and boundaries.

Blossoming Before Burnout: Herbs for Adrenal Resilience

Struggle with feeling depleted, stressed, or unfocused? Explore herbs and other embodied practices that cultivate resilience. We'll practice making herbal medicine, and everyone will leave with a self care remedy.

Generative Space Care 101

Learn how plant medicine can provide preventative care and healing for your generative space. The workshop will focus specifically on care for folks who have had the experience of mxnstruating. We will also explore food as medicine, daily wellness and creativity rituals that can strengthen awareness and connection to the generative space, and focus on the medicine of a few plant allies that have a specific affinity for the generative space.

Shed and Flow: Honoring the Body’s Cycles

Just as the plant life around us begins to die back and go to seed during the Fall season, our bodies are also in a state of shedding, directing energy inward. We will explore the ways the body has synchronicity with the seasons and identify how imbalance might show up in the body’s cycles, particularly in the generative space. We will look closely at the symptoms, prevention, and care of PCOS or Fibroids and wrap with hands-on herbal medicine making for release and balance.

Summoning the Tide: Sex Magic for Creativity, Vision & Pleasure

Throughout many cultures and traditions, creative and sexual energy have been regarded as synonymous--energies that can be engaged to bring a vision to life, work magic and other charms, and attune to natural rhythms and cycles. In this embodied sex talk, we'll explore practices to engage our sexual energy flow, activate our creativity, and discuss other pleasure rituals for practicing sex magic in solo and partnered play.

The Second Brain: Supporting Digestive and Nervous System Health with Herbal Medicine

The gut has come to be regarded as the ‘second brain’ in our bodies, a complex ecosystem that strongly influences our mood and overall health. Herbal medicine can be deeply supportive to our digestion and mood-balancing. We’ll learn about herbs for the Summer season and make simple herbal medicine with local plants.

The Stories We Carry: Wound Healing with Plant Medicine

Through simple practices of re-connecting mind, body, and spirit, we’ll explore our capacity to heal with herbs. Using the five senses as a starting point, we’ll ease into our stories, memories, and bodies as we discover the medicine they hold for us. Participants will have an opportunity to make their own herbal medicine and leave with a set of self-nourishing strategies.

Wholeness is No Trifling Matter: Demystifying Self-Care for Healers

Drawing on the legacy of Toni Cade Bambara, we’ll practice with our bodies the possibilities and challenges for truly engaging in self healing and self-care work. Can we, as healers, truly hold healing space if we valorize our own self-sacrifice and burnout? In this knowledge share, we’ll build a collective space to identify the underlying root patterns leading to burnout and exhaustion and how they impact all aspects of our lives. We’ll cultivate space to explore a variety of embodied and dissociating tools and practices to build rituals of self-reflection and self-awareness as fundamental to evolving self-care. We’ll challenge the mystification and romanticization of wellness and self-care to generate a vision of healing justice as a non-linear, radical, ongoing liberatory practice. Activating the technologies of our bodies, we’ll explore our personal relationships to the discipline, ugliness, and magnificence that is healing, wholeness, abundance, joy, and emotional responsibility.

Writing in the Weeds

What lessons do 'weeds' have for our creative and social movements? This workshop will engage with plant medicine as a process for recovering the fullness of our personal and collective stories, memories, and identities. Through practices of embodied writing, we'll explore the wisdom and strategies that plant allies can share in supporting our creative emancipation. By building relationships with plants that are grounded in deep listening principles, we are able to access stories of ancestral resilience and resourcefulness to challenge dominant ideologies and envision possibilities for a loving, regenerative, transformative world.