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Who Heals the Healer Conference

Wholeness is No Trifling Matter: Demystifying Self-Care for Healers

Drawing on the legacy of Toni Cade Bambara, we’ll practice with our bodies the possibilities and challenges for truly engaging in self healing and self-care work. Can we, as healers, truly hold healing space if we valorize our own self-sacrifice and burnout? In this knowledge share, we’ll build a collective space to identify the underlying root patterns leading to burnout and exhaustion and how they impact all aspects of our lives. We’ll cultivate space to explore a variety of embodied and dissociating tools and practices to build rituals of self-reflection and self-awareness as fundamental to evolving self-care. We’ll challenge the mystification and romanticization of wellness and self-care to generate a vision of healing justice as a non-linear, radical, ongoing liberatory practice. Activating the technologies of our bodies, we’ll explore our personal relationships to the discipline, ugliness, and magnificence that is healing, wholeness, abundance, joy, and emotional responsibility.